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Monday, August 25, 2008

Artist i admire.

there are many many artist around the world, each has different talent in each area.
since i am interested in the field of fashion sense, a lot related to women and fashion and fantasy as surreal artwork, a lot of my favorite artist are likely to produce art work that does not mean anything but in a crazy surreal way.

the first person will be David LaChapelle. he was the first artist i like when i started my ib. he is a photographer that works in the field of fashion, advertising and fine art photography.

these are some examples of his work:
this one is called hamburg Kennedy. what i like in this picture is the woman with colorful hair that contrast with the blue sky. the photo attracts alot of attention especially with the big marble in her hand with an extra large fingers on the other side. with my own experience, i feel like surreal art work attracts more attention from the audience than normal fine art painting, because first it is weird and interesting, it does not make any sense but people will try look in to it to get the answer like "what is this artist thinking?" there are many more that i like about in his work. full of humorous style.

this is one of his last exhibition photo. i love the way he combine sex and humor into one piece of work. A lot of his work are naked girls, strong contrast with the background and setting. something that you do not realize how exotic it can be. i like howeach photos can catch your attention but really it does not mean anything, only to confuse you.

i really like how he combine his fantasy to reality, something that can never happen but could be seen.

"i want to offer escapes- the world is grey enough. My pictures are little vacations for the mind. They are about to getting as far away form reality as possible. Dreams should be part of your everyday life."

my journey through ib art.

.....it all begin in the year of 2007. the start of ib, the start of my art...
what is ib art?
IB art is the 2 years course based on your art, everything including your studio work and workbook. i chose to do ib art as on of my six subject because i like to express my self, i like sharing my thoughts and idea. also acknowledging different style of art from many different place. i love to experience stuff, although i know i dont have much talent in painting drawing or sketching, but i decided to try give it ago by experimenting stuff. i started off with painting and more painting and then experimenting with different tools n techniques. ib may sound a little scary but ib art is a good opportunity to express wh
o you really are, at the same time seeing new art from different artist.

i am glad to take this chance to share my ideas for art.

ting <3>